Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yesterday i get my result.....i know that this time result is not so good and still need to resit some of the subject.....but i know my result now is better than last time i study at UTAR...

I know that this time i have try my best and hope this semester i can get more higher and don give my parents disappointed again...


Thursday, September 9, 2010




Tuesday, August 31, 2010



真的很谢谢嘉雯.........她帮我在KL拿王力宏的专辑....而且还拿到王力宏的签名~~~ 哈哈~~~我还害她等里很久和饿着肚子~~~ 让我最可惜的是不能看到王力宏~~太太太可惜了......

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My birthday


I have change from Utar to Ktar and my collage was start on 17 of May(My birthday) my parents just can early abit help me celebrate....but i also happy with that even is very rush because i need went back to kampar...And my parents gave me angpau and go buy thing when we go kl cause she say i was big already and dono what 2 buy.....

16 of May,the house just me alone only...and my ex-roommate say wan to come my house online and gave back the deposit to me....Then i cant believe tat my friend...(zheng lin,onn zai and mok) bakat with chai wan help me celebrate birthday 2 me...i really shock with that....

Beside,i also need thanks a lot of my friend even v have long time no met and u all still remember my touch~~~hehe....


Saturday, May 8, 2010

♥Maydays Birthday Celebreation♥


All members attend this 2ND year anniversary of our gang...
Even though 1 missing in the picture,Ryanz....
We gather together at Kopitiam at 6pm....Because of raining and me almost 7 only reach...however Kar Hou 7pm only reach....YikHoe & Tony is the 1 who reach n waiting for us at there...Follow by Terrance, Chen Hean,Alvin and others...Then
we having our dinner at there....

After eating,Kar hou reached & follow by his GF......On that day, just Kar hou bring his GF come 2 our party...So Kar hou just simply introduce us to his GF....Then to we booked K-Box at 8pm~2am so we just walking around until 8pm....Kbox is the ONLY choice for us....Each of us have 2 sing a song according from the bigger to the smaller...We did enjoy ourselves in K-box....And we forcing some 1 sing couple song -小酒窝

Very enjoy on that day....hope next year still can meet u all again.....HAPPY MAYDAYS~~~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


they so cute~~~

video video

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My family every year also need to 拜天公~~~this year 拜天公 feel boring lo....Last time 拜天公 have a lot relative but now all also need go back their hometown working and some of my cousin going have class on Monday.... This year Chinese New Year feel that very rush and not enough time to prepare...din have the Chinese new year feel...

Like to eat this so much~~^^